Police officers and firefighters prepare for the Battle of the Badges

MILWAUKEE (WITI) Blue and red jerseys are flying across the ice at theBMO Harris Bradley Center in preparation for a big game.

But the men behind the masks are not your typical hockey players.

“We got into this profession because we like to help people and make a difference and thats the main reason but playing hockey isfun as well,” said Franklin Police Officer Curtis Goens.

## ## They’re area police officers and firefighters warming up for Sunday’s Battle of the Badges hockey game.

Those attending the fire and police match up are also helping two important causes.

“This is helping people connect.”A portion of the proceeds will be used for Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin’s autism early intervention program.

“Their brain is developing so quickly from ages 0 5 anything we can do to help those brains get bigger, faster, stronger were helping them to adapt so they have better outcomes with jobs and their future,” said Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin President and CEO Bob Glowacki.

New this year, ticket sales will also help fund Camp Yellow Ribbon, which is for children who have a family member in the military.

“This is helping people connect. Kids whose parents have served and have been abroad and literally theres nobody else that understands what theyve been through and what its really like to have a family member gone for 18 24 months,” said Glowacki.

The fire departments hockey team has won the last several years in a row in the Battle of the Badges, but this year the police department has severalyoung new additionsthat theyre hopingwill get themback in the victory column.

“Were going to hope the not so fresh old faces can handle the new fresh faces of the police,” said Wauwatosa Firefighter Bryan Zydowicz.

“Were going to give them a run for their money. I think were going to be holding the trophy this year,” said Goens.

“We got into this profession because we like to help people and make a difference.”No matter who takes home the Battle of the Badges trophy, the difference this game is making in many lives is a win for everyone.

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