The distorted crushed boxes are witty and

Top 5 Picks for Louis Vuitton Fall

1. As Nicolas Ghesqui excavates the old, leopard print gets thrown onto a whimsical arm candy with the reputed monogram. This is essentially a fiery addition to your wardrobe for the extra aggression to get by tough days. It a jungle out there and you wouldn want to be at the bottom of the corporate food chain.

2. Spoons for earrings: They radical fun and they don replica louis vuitton bags seem to get dated on your ensemble; pair them with a trusty jacket or LBD and you created the best conversational piece this fall.

3. Clutches skirting across with some metallic trim gives replica louis vuitton handbags your date a brush with luxury. The yankee West would have been so proud to dish this out with essentially muted colours for dress pants or a crisp white shirt.

4. 1:1 replica handbags When Bansky Met Fashion, the only conceivable idea would be graffiti spray canned baggages. The distorted crushed boxes are witty and wonderfully eccentric dolabuy , and not too grubby for daily use.

5. No look is complete without a militant utilitarianism of the black boot. In all fairness, the stoicism and harshness of any trooper leg wear contrasts a delicate piece aaa replica designer handbags of silk garment. Though not the icing on a cake, it is a staple that speaks volumes.

The Hardwear Soci Spring Summer 2017 Takes on Tech

To see yet another instance of tech meets fashion in massive luxury houses in the upcoming spring/summer 2017 spectacle of Chanel and Louis Vuitton look no further. Every piece of technology that we adopt is not spared the judgement of peers. Though there so much one can take in with the dazzling array of LEDs or a shrink wrapped petite malle to house your iPhone 7, these pieces still manage to maintain its relevance in style. While it cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk harnesses the endearment of a mobile smartphone or a toy android robot, this fresh iteration dubbed the new geek chic, with accompanying bells and whistles (and circuit chip boards or shock proof cushioning) gives new ways to wear those electrical paraphernalia.

Alicia Vikander stars in Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 Campaign

Fresh off the runways at the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in Brazil, fashion veteran photographer Patrick Demarchelier whisked away with actress Alicia Vikander to deliver these stunning campaign photos for the upcoming Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 collection. From classic Capucines to wickedly delicious deep sea ankle boots, these photos exude the strikingly humid climate apt for the Cruise lineup. As for me, I am eyeing that Speedy Long Necklace that comes this November / high quality designer replica handbags wholesale December.

Louis Vuitton Pre Spring Chapman EditionsSo you can wait for the Spring Summer 2017 collections, and are deeply in love with the Chapman Brothers; or you are just an opportunist who needs a humorous purchase for this Christmas? Then don fret as Louis Vuitton has decided to make some renditions of the dune and watermark versions coming out in Jan/Feb 2017. Superimposed on the normal daimer pattern, these limited runs come in anything from pochette cases, to Brazza wallets; not to mention a wicked rendition of the Zippy organiser that anyone can gawk at at Christmas gatherings. Be it the giraffes, zebras or lions we are all treated to the same wildlife fauna this November/December holidays. Personally it would be my pleasure to take on the Cruise collection these months, and opt for something uniquely exclusive, but hey, this is anyone call yea?

It a Jungle Out There Louis Vuitton Summer Capsule 2016

The magic of bringing exotic kitsch to your wardrobe this summer is what Louis Vuitton has in mind. It is the kind of tropical paradise in your arms that inspires a celebratory outing to the Amazon. Mesh fern leaf and your favourite spotted jungle feline pattern and you are set. The design is loud and unabashed because red is Rad in any summer vacation. This capsule design hues of electric blues and milky pink gives the extra punch one needs to weather the toughest temperatures this season. So douse yourselves in some sunblock and just simply soak in this looker.

Top Pick Prefall 2016 Louis Vuitton Steamer Bag

The legacy of the monogram has built up to this season Pre Fall 2016 range of leather bags. One particular gemlet did caught my eye: the steamer bag with a calculated splicing of black/white bars inspired from the Spring Summer 2016 collection. The iconic piece is worn by a couple of people; think Jaden Smith or even the likes of one 3D character fake designer bags , Lightning of Final Fantasy fame.

The print is simply wicked, creating a contrast one would replica designer handbags conceive as whimsical. I do adore it as it embodies a reckless throw caution to the wind attitude required to capture the young heart these days. Yes, it does in the Twist variant but the City Steamer gets my vote.

A Men guide to The Petite Malle

The Louis Vuitton petite malle has been one of my obsessions since it first inception on the runway floors sans Jacobs. When images of the new Cruise 2016 started making rounds, pouring in from all over i could see it emanating from the flowy dresses swooshing about, even in Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags blurry instagram snaps. But it won hurt to just take a peek and this notion has taken over my insatiable thirst to get one for myself. In a few minutes, after surfing around, I had found myself on a trail to save up for a petite malle some I know, are timeless pieces in their own right reminded how much an bag it has been clamoured for and why the LV fans seem that high quality designer replica handbags much more keen to invest in one.

It is hard to avoid cliche generalisations of how any LV bag should be, but this outing is far from what to expect cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk , especially for the Cruise 2016 collection. The more gritty urban exteriors have been dropped while opting for breezy prints and patterns. Am I the only one here that sees this refreshing take from Nicolas Ghesquiere as trailblazing? I found myself missing the fake designer bags joy of owning one of these not because Peyalo Diaz has carried one so well Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica (kudos for not making this look like a female hand clutch), but it would have been nice to linger a while with one of these small trunks. The Louis Vuitton cruise 2016 collection comes to a store near you late 2015.

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